Block ads

The Interactive Advertising Bureau is a vehement opponent of ad blocking: “It is robbery, plain and simple,” the 20-year-old trade group says, zeroing in on software “profiteers” who, besides targeting users with their “extortionist scheme,” are ”shaking down publishers for payments to circumvent their barriers.” Worse, IAB sees ad blocking as an “existential threat” to the entire advertising business, which now clocks $50 billion worth of sales in the U.S. annually.

But amid all its fire and brimstone, the IAB has another message: “Ad blocking is a crucial wakeup call to brands and all that serve them about their abuse of consumers’ good will. Ad blockers are…exploiting a real vulnerability: the erosion of stimulating consumer experiences online. For this, the marketing-media ecosystem bears real responsibility.”

A big part of this ecosystem is publishers, who are reacting to ad blocking almost in outright panic. What should they do? The IAB Tech Lab set up an “Ad Blocking Working

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Source: Street Fight