effective business english bookIn the words of Bob Dylan, “The Times They Are A-Changin’” and the Internet and social media have certainly changed the way we now do business. But what many business owners fail to realize is that they have also changed the way we now need to write. Some fail to be concise, captivating and to the point in their written communications, while others mistakenly believe that these changes mean that informality is the order of the day.

How to Write Effective Business English: Excel at E-mail, Social Media and All Your Professional Communications (Better Business English)” details what small businesses must consider when communicating to a wider audience and through the various forms of media now available.

What “How to Write Effective Business English” is About

There can be no doubt as to the power of the written word. However, the written word can be misunderstood, found to be offensive, and once read is difficult to retract or correct. Email, social media and instant messaging, which

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Source: Small Business Trends