stay interview keep good employees

“Won’t you stay just a little bit longer?”

Employee retention may not be what the 50s crooner Frankie Valli had in mind when he sang that iconic line from the song “Stay,” but it is a topic of concern for every employer who fears losing top-tier talent.

That is particularly the case for small businesses where the loss of a single employee may represent an entire job function or department. Add to that the strain involved in recruiting, hiring, and training a replacement — it’s a headache no employer wants.

Enter the Stay Interview

To prevent attrition among good employees, employers are now implementing a practice known as the stay interview, a one-on-one interview conducted by an employer or manager with a high-value employee who may be at risk of leaving.

The goal is to identify and reinforce positive factors that encourage an employee to stay and detect and minimize any triggers that may cause the employee to resign. Employers can also conduct stay interviews periodically

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Source: Small Business Trends