How to price handmade items

If you’re thinking about opening your own handmade shop, there are so many different things to consider. It’s not all about just having fun making arts and crafts. You actually have to build a business around those items that you make so well.

Part of that is learning how to price your handmade items. You have to carefully consider what price points will be likely to appeal to your customers while still allowing your business to operate successfully and sustainable. Here are some tips on how to price your handmade items for sale.

How to Price Handmade Items

Consider the Cost of Supplies

It’s likely that you’ll need some supplies to complete your handmade products. If you knit scarves, you’ll need to figure out how much yarn you use for each scarf and how much that amount of yarn costs you. If you make jewelry, you’ll need to calculate how much you spend on the beads, wire or other supplies that you use for each piece. You’ll need to factor whatever the cost of those supplies is into

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Source: Small Business Trends