One after another, business leaders and owners are contacting me to understand why their content marketing isn’t bringing them a steady stream of clients.

For example, Tina contacted me last week and shared how she has been a content creating machine for over a year.

She was told that if she just created a blog and blogged a few times per week, did a video a week and posted on social media that her sales would start to grow. But it just isn’t happening. Sales are flat, traffic remains low to her site and engagement is non-existent.

What Tina doesn’t know is that she is being told how to do marketing in a mass marketing context and in a way that hasn’t worked well since before 2011.

The truth is that the internet is changing rapidly and those who are searching for us are more savvy and smart to manipulative ways of getting a sale. Yet, many supposed marketers, coaches and consultants are not getting the message.

Over the last year Tina’s traffic has not grown like she had hoped and

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