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In America, only 32 percent of employees are engaged at work, and it’s costing businesses billions of dollars a year in lost revenue, from the cost of employee turnover to lost productivity and poor customer satisfaction ratings. The answer: If you want to increase profits, keep your team happy.

Find Your Baseline To Increase Employee Engagement

Before you can focus on improvement, you need to know where you stand. You’ll get a pretty good idea of how engaged your employees are by looking at productivity, turnover and absenteeism, but survey data can provide unbiased information you can use to align your staff with corporate goals. Once you know what you’re working with, you can craft a strategy to get the staff engaged and happy to be working with you.

Remember, Your Employees Are Assets

Research shows the biggest drivers of employee engagement are belief in management and growth and development. Build strong relationships with your team and provide opportunities for advancement

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Source: Small Business Trends