market to millennials with snapchat

If you’re not using Snapchat for marketing, you could really be missing out, especially if your target audience includes millennials. The platform has been steadily gaining traction with younger consumers. And since a lot of brands are still hesitant or unsure of how to use it, Snapchat offers you the opportunity to really stand out with a millennial audience. Here are 10 ways to market to millennials with Snapchat.

Market To Millennials With Snapchat

Show Some Personality

Millennials don’t want to see the same old “professional” brands again and again. They want to support brands that they really relate to. Snapchat offers an opportunity for you to get face to face with your followers. So don’t be dry and boring. Inject your brand’s style into your posts or show off the unique personalities of your team members. You can even have some fun with the filters and effects that Snapchat offers. Since that’s something a lot of millennials do on Snapchat, it’s something they can really

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Source: Small Business Trends