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How-to-Immediately-Stop-Losing-Money-on-MarketingEvery year, businesses spend tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars (or more) on marketing and advertising in order to reach their prospects and consumers and for the majority it is a complete waste of time and money.

When I was in sales for the New England Life and Investment Company in 1996 I remember being told that if I want more business, I have to spend more time advertising and marketing myself.

I was told that again when I started my first business in 2005.


“Don, it’s just a numbers game. You have to reach as many people as you can in order to meet the right ratio of people who will buy from you.”


Hum… I always felt there was something off with that message.

Today, those techniques no longer work they way they once did thanks to the internet.

It’s disrupting everything we ever knew about marketing and advertising and how to reach more prospects and customers.

Compound that with the

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