Press coverage is an invaluable growth tool and, in most cases, a pretty cost-effective one too. That’s why I believe that a strategy for chasing coverage should always be part of your marketing plan.

But the best part is, you don’t have to aim for the top, all the time. While a front page spot in the New York Times or Washington Post would be pretty freaking awesome, writers on industry sites and publications can be much more approachable and receptive to your pitches than the journos at the frontlines of traditional newsrooms.

When I was trying to get the word out about, for instance, I wasn’t always shooting for the moon. In fact, one of my key strategies was to go after mentions on industry blogs with small, but mighty, readerships. It wasn’t always easy, but I definitely think it paid off.

Stick with me to find out how you can replicate this strategy for yourself…

Build Your Brand and Storytelling Abilities by Telling a Great Brand Story

While you’re probably

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Source: Sujan Patel