global buusiness

With the advent of the internet and digital revolution, “global” is an easy word for businesses to use.

At the click of a button, businesses can make products or services available across hundreds of countries. The possibilities of global business are now huge. But to actually achieve them requires hard work and a focused strategy. Below are five tips for growing a global business from both my current and previous experience in that space.

  1. Focus on target markets. It’s easy to make your product or service available everywhere. But meaningful business in a new market requires close and often long-term focus. Pick around one to three markets that you want to push into in the upcoming year and go for them. Amazon, for example, is very good at this: when they launch into a new market, they have usually been flying under the radar and making preparations in that market for a considerable time.
  2. Don’t make assumptions based on other markets. Every country’s market is unique and what works

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Source: Small Business – Black Enterprise