How to Discover Passion, Influence People and Increase SalesAre you passionate about your business? I’m talking about the type of passion where you can’t wait for someone to ask you; “What do you do?”

Are you so passionate that people can feel it right through their computer screen when they look at your website, blog articles or social media posts?

How about through your videos or podcasts?

Does someone sense your passion so much and feel so inspired by your web presence that they are influenced to say,


“OMG, how did you know” and are looking at all the different ways they can buy from you because you connected with them personally?


If you’re like most businesses you are probably not experiencing that when it comes to your content marketing.

You may be blogging, sharing content on social media, optimizing your articles for Google or creating videos…  and it’s all falling on blind eyes or deaf ears.

Technology and strategies are not your real problems yet that is what most businesses are chasing. The real problem is the disconnect

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Source: Unveil the Web