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The business world is filled with competitors—big and small—who are ambitious about dominating the marketplace, squeezing every dollar out of it, and driving you out of business by rendering you useless to the customers that you serve or wish to serve.

Not only as an entrepreneur are you taught you must avoid this at all costs, you also are told you have to devise a warlike strategy to destroy the competition.

Not so fast, says Mary Ellen Slayter, CEO of Reputation Capital, a content marketing firm. “Instead, I’ve taken a more pragmatic, cooperative approach toward our competition, one that has helped support our vision for long-term growth,” she says.

Here’s how.

Make High-Value Referrals. Knowing your own value proposition makes this easy. You’re not going to be the best at everything, and you shouldn’t try. Find people whose approaches are different from yours, even if their offerings seem at first the same. You’re not going to be the best solution for

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