pr team

Over the years as an entrepreneur I have built a plethora of useful skills. I would imagine any entrepreneur ends up doing the same since we all wear 17 different hats at once. One of the byproducts of my years running a digital marketing and branding agency is I have become a one-man PR team without sending one “press kit.”

When I started my agency, I had zero experience in any form of marketing. I am a college drop out with a background in massage therapy. I personally have never valued formal education. But am a huge proponent of learning through real world experiences and asking others. Since day one of my agency, I knew I had some extra work ahead of me. All my competitors had degrees or years of experience, so I had to bet on my strengths.

They are simply my ability to win friends, hustle hard and learn fast.

I started every day by talking to someone who had more knowledge than I did, or researching a new topic. I didn’t know what any of the buzzwords meant or how to do

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Source: Small Business Trends