Time Out

At last week’s LOCALCON conference in London, Time Out‘s Russ Cohn, Zenchef’s Xavier Zeitoun, and FreshLime’s Bob Barnes discussed the impact of vertical approaches on local marketing. The conversation touched on the experiences of the speakers in regards to the fact that now more than ever there is a demand for solutions that cater to the unique wants and needs of specific sectors.

Zeitoun hails from restaurant tech — Zenchef, which he founded as 1001 Menus more than five years ago, provides all manner of digital services to restaurants via an online reservations platform. Within that industry, Zeitoun has discovered that vertical solutions are a natural response to an increasingly savvy client base that has a better handle of and more clarity on what they want. “The verticalization of digital marketing is a consequence of the level of maturity of businesses,” he told the LOCALCON crowd.

FreshLime, where Barnes serves as VP of sales and business development, provides automated

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