As the rise of local on-demand has moved out of its infancy, companies are discovering that some concepts for instant consumer gratification perform well, while others may need some work. Getting someone to seamlessly pick up and drop off your laundry might save you a bunch of time, but having a cup of coffee delivered for $12 might not be a sustainable business model.

Meals and groceries are still leaders in the on-demand space, but consumers are starting to apply that convenience to other areas of their lives, asking for more services in addition to product delivery. Determining the long-term potential of on-demand is leading some entrepreneurs to solutions beyond the efficient transaction and toward an intuitive, flexible future.

“People are getting better at calculating the cost of their time,” said Marcela Sapone, CEO and co-founder of subscription-based butler service company Hello Alfred. “They’re realizing, ‘I’m spending so much time on this. Is there someone who can do

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Source: Street Fight