Paid search should be a perfect fit for local merchants. After all, consumers are frequently looking for local businesses online, and paid search campaigns put merchants at the top of results. But brick-and-mortar stores haven’t been as eager to jump on board, even as self-serve platforms like Google AdWords continue to rise in popularity among national brands and retailers. According to survey by BIA/Kelsey, the average SMB retailer is only spending around $700 on paid search each year, while annual advertising budgets are running at an average of $17,000.

One theory is that brick-and-mortar merchants haven’t been as successful with paid search because they aren’t taking advantage of location targeting capabilities. “Targeting through paid campaigns is much too broad without the use of specific location based targeting,” says Ivy Lustig of Marketing Mojo, a digital agency. “In order for you to reach your audience, you need to ensure that you are only targeting a location where your

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Source: Street Fight