business intelligence solutions

Big data and business intelligence (BI) used to be only for enterprise companies. Now, however, thanks to the software as a service (SaaS) revolution, even small businesses can afford to track and tap into a wealth of information.

However, becoming a data-driven small business isn’t easy. Because you’re dealing with complex troves of records that have multiple sources and are therefore highly unlikely to be structured uniformly, it can be difficult to process it all and interpret it into insights your business can actually use.

What’s more, many of the leading business intelligence solutions require unreasonably expensive and lengthy onboarding processes and they can only be used by teams of coders. Not exactly small business-friendly.

Here’s how to make the most of the data at your fingertips.

Use a Central Location for Data

A central location for all of your data means you save time getting it all together. There’s no need to log in and out of multiple accounts to collect the data

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Source: Small Business Trends