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If Gannett’s planned acquisition of Journal Media Group (JMG) is approved by JMG stockholders — which is very likely — the publishing giant will own one of the country’s most highly regarded dailies: the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The paper specializes in uncovering life-threatening medical practices and risky drugs and being a watchdog for the public’s right to know.

The Journal Sentinel ranks first in combined print and digital readership in the largest U.S. markets, with 59 percent penetration in metro Milwaukee. Like other dailies, it has taken big hits in advertising and distribution revenue on the print side, but it’s still profitable ($13.8 million annually, including JMG weeklies in southeast Wisconsin).

To find out how the Journal Sentinel uses quality journalism to stay in the black as it makes the challenging transition from print to digital (with a $4.29 per month paywall), I put these questions to editor and senior vice president George Stanley

Newspapers have to

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