Customer reviews

Online reviews have put merchants on the defensive, as they look to minimize the effects that negative opinions have on their businesses, but an offensive strategy is often more effective at turning online reviews into offline sales.

Only half of small business owners think positive reviews are important, and only 43% respond to reviews posted online, but 92% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses and 68% say positive reviews make them more likely to trust a business. When local merchants turn online reviews into marketing collateral, posted on their websites, social media, or in print, they’re likely to encourage other positive reviews and also influence sales.

Here are five examples of ways that merchants can use online reviews to influence offline sales.

1. Promote reviews to lookalike audiences on Facebook. “Post recent reviews on social or other platforms. This makes great sense, but the organic results are likely to be minimal because those who get the post are

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Source: Street Fight