“What could this old coot have to say to me?” Your (younger) Business Professor was invited to lunch by a grizzled senior Army officer of a certain age. The aged blowhard wanted to talk.

I was indifferent. He was buying the meal, but I wasn’t buying his banter. Who needed him? I would run things my way. The ‘Modern Way.’

Today, the smart small business trend is to coach the managers that businesses need — to take advantage of growth.

Young, aspiring business leaders have a lot to learn in managing a small business. Too much has to be learned in too short a time. Professor Henry Mintzberg, from McGill University in Quebec, Canada, has written a must-read book, “Managing.” He provides a daunting list of challenges for owner/manager training:

  • The unrelenting pace of managing
  • The brevity and variety of its activities
  • The fragmentation and discontinuity of the job
  • The orientation to action
  • The favoring of informal and oral forms of communication
  • The lateral nature of the job (with

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Source: Small Business Trends