hooked book reviewHooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products attempts to fix the gap between product design and marketing. Hooked is designed to help business professionals (specifically product managers and designers) create products or services that get people to return over and over again. The only thing required to cross that gap is a little consumer psychology.

What Hooked is About

The big idea behind Hooked is the author’s answer to the question, “Why is Facebook so successful?” The key, author Nir Eyal says, is not in the technology, but in the psychology behind the use of that website. Facebook, Twitter and all of the other online activities that we repeatedly engage in daily have become part of everyday life and language.

Getting to that point where a product or service becomes a regular habit for a lot of people is a goal of almost every business on Earth. App creators want you to download their apps. Google wants you to use its search engine and Facebook wants you to post photos and

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Source: Small Business Trends