Over the past few years, San Francisco-based Homebrew VC has built up an impressive roster of investments in seed stage companies focused on the “bottom-up economy.”   Co-founders Hunter Walk and Satya Patel met working at Google, and have a particular interest in seeing businesses advance in tech and value-added location services. The fund has faith in beacons, for instance, and backed Estimote earlier this year.

Walk will be among the featured speakers at Street Fight Summit West on June 7th in San Francisco. We caught up with him recently to discuss how Homebrew helps entrepreneurs, what it takes to be among the 8-10 investments the startup makes per year, and why the “bottom up” economy is the way to the top.

How does coming from a big pioneering company like Google help shape your vision as entrepreneurs?
The value of working at a place like Google, or any other high-performing company, is that you have an expanded notion of what’s possible. Larry and Sergey, Google’s

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Source: Street Fight