The holiday season isn’t just a big time of year for retail; it’s also a big time of year for retail data. The stats come in fast and furious, like a hoard of consumers racing into the mall to take advantage of a Black Friday limited-time, limited-supply offer.

One common trend they indicate: Purchasing is going to be more omnichannel than ever, so retailers need to be prepared. Here’s a rundown on some key data points for this holiday shopping season.

Where will they shop: The anticipated rise in digital commerce notwithstanding, most consumers plan to shop locally this holiday season. In a recent Yelp study, 64 percent of respondents said they will shop at local businesses. Among tech-savvy millennials, the figure was surprisingly higher, at 69 percent. The ability to find unique gifts, supporting the local economy, and convenience are the primary factors motivating holiday consumers to shop locally. Price is the biggest inhibitor against doing so, cited by 31 percent respondents

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Source: Street Fight