caller ID app Hiya

In a quest to end spam texts and robocalls, the online phone directory company Whitepages is spinning off Hiya, an app that provides its users with caller ID and spam protection services. Formerly known as Whitepages Caller ID, the new caller ID app Hiya seeks to bring all its users the most advanced caller ID technology on the market.

What Caller ID App Hiya Does

“For smartphone users, it’s never been more important to know who is on the other end of the line, particularly as more bad actors look to infringe on that personal space with spam calls,” the founder and soon to be CEO of Hiya Alex Algard said in a statement. “We’ve made great strides incubating this business at Whitepages, but now is the right time to transition to a stand-alone, start-up company. I’m excited that Hiya can be fully focused on the huge and growing opportunity to provide a better phone experience for all mobile users worldwide.”

While the Federal Communications Commission is tirelessly battling phone spam

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