Pushpin on map

Maps have always served the primary purpose of being a guide, and helping to get us to where we want to go. And with the influx of digital maps like those by Google and Waze, maps bear greater responsibility than ever before. We rely on them not only to provide us a route, but also to be relevant in real-time. If a road is closed, we expect our map app to tell us as much. If a place of business we were planning on driving to is no longer open, then our map better have that information. Just like our phones, maps have gotten pretty smart.

Hexagon Geospatial, a computer software startup based in Norcross, Georgia, works to bring the highest degree of location intelligence into the hands of various mapping agencies. Its cloud-based platform Smart M.Apps visualizes data in real time on digital maps to help predict activity based on that geo-data. The Smart M.Apps that have already been built include insights into real estate market trends, crime patterns, roadway network analysis, and a

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Source: Street Fight