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HELP! I Need More Paying Customers or My Small Business Will FailLast week at an event John asked me straight up; “Don, over the last year my small business has struggled to gain new clients. It’s never been a problem before but if I don’t figure this out my business will fail and I don’t want to be another statistic!”

I hear stories like John’s everywhere I go.

When it comes to the changing landscape of marketing, I hear small business owners over-and-over again say:


“I’m overwhelmed by the vast volume of things to do that don’t seem to generate income”


In fact, some of the more common refrains that small businesses are sharing include:


  • Advertising doesn’t seem to work for my small business
  • I have to spend more marketing just to make a little over time
  • I get little to no traffic to my website
  • The traffic I do get to my website does not convert into new customers
  • No one is telling me they saw … on my site when they call or stop in my place of business


Is that you?

Do you feel that

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