Handmade business Etsy results

Etsy announced strong full year 2015 results, a reflection of the overall robustness of the handmade business industry.

Etsy reported 21.3 percent growth in merchandise sales year over year for 2015 and 35.4 percent revenue growth.

“In the fourth quarter, our GMS [gross merchandise sales] was more than $741 million and our revenue was nearly $88 million. For the full year GMS reached nearly $2.4 billion and revenue was more than $273 million,” said Chad Dickerson, Etsy CEO.

Much of that was due to organic growth of the Etsy platform. But in part that was helped by marketing. Dickerson said in a previous earnings call last year “… prior to 2014, we hardly marketed at all.”  But 2015 saw more marketing activity from Etsy to boost sales.

For example, Etsy launched its first large holiday marketing campaign in 2015.

“For the first time ever, we ran a global holiday campaign that featured merchandised pages and gift guides across key categories and was coordinated across mobile apps

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Source: Small Business Trends