GrubHub-Logo-newCompetition in the local delivery space has exploded in the past few years as on-demand providers rushed to connect service providers with consumers as efficiently as possible. But food ordering and delivery platform GrubHub is betting that the scale it has amassed over 11 years will keep it competitive even as newer competitors grow up (and some flame out).

Street Fight recently caught up with GrubHub’s SVP of Operations, Stan Chia, who spearheads the company’s delivery efforts. According to Chia, the company’s fundamental mission — restaurant discovery — remains its priority.

How has GrubHub evolved as the online ordering space matured in the past few years?
One of the great things about being a veteran is that we have the national scale that allows us to do things in a way that other, sub-scale companies aren’t able to. That was one of our reasons for venturing into the food delivery space with our own delivery service. With the restaurant network that we have, with the scale

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Source: Street Fight