Groupon Gets A Makeover
Groupon just announced a number of website, mobile and tablet improvements under its Groupon Merchant brand. The brand is designed to simplify the way a Groupon marketing campaign can be created and managed by merchants on any device no matter where they are located.

Groupon Gets A Makeover

This is especially true for small businesses, who can’t compete with large enterprises when it comes to advertising and reach. As Nick Halliwell, Groupon’s media relations, told Small Business Trends in an email interview:

“Where else can local businesses get that kind of reach without any upfront advertising costs? Plus, the vast majority of our deals (82 percent as of the last report) are breakeven or better on the deal itself (i.e., no overspend or cross-sell required). That is simply unheard of in high volume small business advertising and customer acquisition.”

Under the Merchant brand, the redesigned Web and mobile tools, along with the new tablet app will let businesses customize the way

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Source: Small Business Trends