Delivery man with parcel box

While online grocery ordering and local delivery may or may not be sustainable, some entrepreneurs are working to offer those options to a new type of customer: remote and low-budget shoppers and small local grocery chains.

Matt Hatoun, founder of online buying club Wholeshare, believes that the delivery space is burning itself out by offering its services to mostly high-end customers who can afford to pay fees on top of the price of high end products. And smaller local grocery chains often don’t have the means to implement their own online stores – so a Wisconsin-based tech strategist developed GrocerKey, software that costs money only when shoppers use it. By approaching the food distribution industry in a new way, these entrepreneurs are finding new customers and converting old ones with new options.

“What we’re doing is shortening the supply chain by allowing consumers to tap into existing wholesale delivery infrastructure,” Hatoun said. “It keeps prices down, keeps the overall

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Source: Street Fight