google shopping insights

Inventory is and has always been a tricky problem for small business owners. Having too much of an item in stock that doesn’t sell is a rookie mistake, as is running out of popular products. However, a new tool called Google Shopping Insights might be just what small business owners need.

Shopping Insights estimates trends and popularity by breaking down search data by products, cities, and devices, and illustrates it in heat maps. This gives retailers the power to know which products to order more or less of, protecting them from losing money and alienating customers.

Given that eCommerce garners so much attention online and elsewhere, it would be easy to just assume that most sales today take place over the Internet, but that isn’t necessarily true.

Jonathan Alferness, VP product management for Google Shopping, explained in an article, “While 87 percent of shopping research happens online, 92 percent of goods are still sold in retail stores. By better understanding user’s shopping

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Source: Small Business Trends