Google Partners Connect video

Google wants small businesses make the most of the internet, and it’s doing its bit to encourage them.

In April, the internet giant announced it will offer free workshops to help small businesses improve their online presence.  To that effect, it has now shared a video that explains digital marketing for small and medium businesses.

The 43-minute video is part of the Google Partners Connect video program and provides useful tips and insights to strengthen your online presence and grow business. It features two presentations: one on mobile consumer behavior and one on the importance of micro-moments.

Part 1: Mobile Consumer Behavior

Presented by Aditi Manwani, Product Marketing Manager at Google, the first part of the Google Partners Connect video provides some interesting insights on consumer behavior and introduces the concept of micro-moments.

Manwani says micro-moments represent a new consumer behavior trend. Increasing use of mobile is changing the way we behave, making these

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Source: Small Business Trends