Jeff Russakow, has only been the CEO and President of Gimbal for about six months, but he’s clearly been drinking the Kool-Aid. He doesn’t just talk about Gimbal and its location-based technology, he gushes about it, firing factoid after factoid about its history, evolution, and potential.

The previous CEO of Findly, an on demand recruitment platform, and former EVP and chief customer officer at Yahoo, Russakow has discovered that while beacon technology is still incredibly young,  a certain formula is proving to be golden for a great beacon deployment. Street Fight talked with Russakow recently to learn more about how beacons are evolving, where they’re making their biggest impact, and where Gimbal has its sights set for the rest of 2016 and beyond.

When Gimbal started, beacons were still a novel, futuristic concept. How has the retail environment changed since then? And how have the role of beacons evolved accordingly?
Really it’s the consumer that has changed. Even a couple

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Source: Street Fight