Running a business is no easy task. But you can make it just a bit easier on yourself by using the right tools. From applications to books to hiring the right employees, members of our small business community have found their own secret weapons to running successful businesses. See their favorites in the list below.

Use Google Apps for Business and Sales

Google provides so many different tools that businesses can use for various functions. If you’re unsure about exactly how Google Apps can benefit your business or increase your sales, take a look at these tips from David George on the Cirrus Insight blog.

Don’t Forget to Add Yourself to Your Content Marketing

When creating content for business, some entrepreneurs tend to forget one crucial element — themselves. In this post from The Savvy Copywriter, Kimberly Crossland shares why that’s a mistake. And BizSugar members share thoughts on the post here.

Use Facebook Messenger for Business

Facebook Messenger recently updated its

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