ecommerce web 30From E-Commerce to Web 3.0: Entrepreneur Journeys” shines a brighter light on the entrepreneurship path to Internet riches through in-depth interviews.

Instead of focusing on the “feel-good” abstract facts, author Sramana Mitra digs into the details of how million-dollar Internet-based businesses grow and maintain their competitive advantage.

What is “From E-Commerce to Web 3.0” About?

Technology and business, as Mitra suggests in the first few pages of her book, is undergoing a revolution. That revolution, Web 3.0, involves around the push toward user participation and personalization.

Before this era (Web 1.0), Mitra discusses, it was simply OK for a business to present its products or services on a website. You didn’t have to tailor your products to a specific subset of users.

The next era (Web 2.0) saw the rise of more customer targeting and personalization. Companies began to initiate and even seek customer interaction through social media and blogs.

The business opportunities

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Source: Small Business Trends