google analytics suite

Earlier this year, Google announced the launch of a new premium, enterprise-class data visualization and reporting platform — Data Studio 360 — as part of the larger announcement regarding its Google Analytics 360 Suite.

More recently, at the Google Performance Summit, Google announced a free version, Data Studio, designed for “individuals and smaller teams,” Google said in a blog entry.

Both Data Studio 360 and its younger free sibling let users connect their marketing data and turn it into charts, graphs and other visualizations that, the company says, are easy to understand, share and customize.

The primary difference between Data Studio 360 and the free version is the number of reports users can create. Data Studio users are limited to five per account. Both versions support connection to unlimited data sources and offer unlimited report viewing, editing and collaboration, the blog post said.

How Data Studio 360 Works

Data Studio 360 connects multiple data points in a mix and

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Source: Small Business Trends