In the last few weeks, Facebook has introduced a new feature called Facebook Instant Articles. While there are some advantages to contributing your content to Facebook Instant Articles there are also some strong disadvantages.

Chief among them, a potential decline in your sales.

Listen in, or read the transcript to find how and why.


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Transcript: What’s the Truth About Facebook Instant Articles and Your Marketing?


facebook-instant-articlesThis is really kind of an interesting thing to me and it’s going to be interesting to see how this plays itself out and that’s (Facebook) Instant Articles.


Apparently Facebook has struck a number of deals with different publishers. Some of those are news publishers like newspapers. I think CNN is even one of them, and some others, where they will put their exclusive news content as an instant article on Facebook.


And the goal there it is to allow you to have access to their audience of billions of users around the globe

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