In the midst of the thousands, if not millions, of women’s conferences being held around the country these days, I recently attending a women’s conference in Atlanta with a very different spin on it.

The host, Robin May, was clearly determined to make her fifth conference anything but status quo. Robin is a mental health therapist, business owner, life coach, and author of six books, founder of two growing networks, wife, mother, and girlfriend to numerous ladies across the country. Anyone wearing all of those titles understands the importance of pausing and taking a deep breath. This conference was a place for businesswomen to take a deep breath, reset, and refuel for greater success. It had all the points of your standard women’s conference: motivation, sisterhood, laughter, fashion, prayer, and tears. However, one of the conference speakers came with a tool kit of expansion action. Motivation is great but you will get run over if you have no action plan. Janice Anderson, CEO of

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Source: Black Enterprise » Small Business