From November 20-21, 2015, Kingonomics, the definitive advocacy and learning platform for the disruption of poverty in underserved American communities and beyond, is hosting its first Kingonomics Innovation Corridor on Atlanta’s Westside.

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Through a series of events such as #StartupHigh, #StartupLounge, and Idea Hackathon, attendees will have a great opportunity to learn about career opportunities like innovation and engineering, learn to think and ideate like an innovator, and hear engaging talks from entrepreneurs such as Nicole Garner, founder of The Garner PR firm; Travis & Troy Nunnally, Tech Twins co-founders (Brain Rain Labs); and Princess Sampson, a 15-year-old software engineer.

Based on the economic ideals of Martin Luther King Jr., Kingonomics is a book by Rodney Sampson; serial entrepreneur, investor, and author. When it comes to the differences between race and entrepreneurial success, Sampson

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