ebay branded boxes

eBay has introduced a new way to get its name in the public eye with its eBay branded boxes but it may not be a profitable option for a lot of small business sellers.

The online auction and ecommerce site just launched its eBay Shipping Supplies Store. From this store, eBay sellers can purchase shipping boxes and other supplies emblazoned with the familiar eBay logo.

This is certainly a welcome option for eBay sellers who are short on shipping boxes or other packing materials.

eBay Branded Boxes Now Available

Currently at the new eBay store, users can purchase 10 different kinds of shipping boxes and seven different types of envelope mailers.

The boxes range in price from $17 to $27, depending on the size, for a pack of 25. For the larger “airjacket” bubble mailers and“polyjacket” mailers, prices range from about $20 to $34 for packs of 100. All orders are shipped free and eBay says all orders are being processed by a third-party distributor which ships the boxes.

According to an

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Source: Small Business Trends