Increasingly sophisticated location technology — an inevitable by-product of mobile’s dominance — is dramatically influencing the advertising industry, and programmatic in particular is emerging as a powerful force. Drawbridge sits in the confluence of location, mobile and programmatic, providing cross-device solutions. 

Kamakshi Sivaramakrishnan founded Drawbridge in 2010 after a stint at Google, which had acquired AdMob, the startup she was working for. Sivaramakrishnan spoke recently with Street Fight about Drawbridge’s solutions, the ever-changing nature of mobile targeting, and the constant misinterpretation of the word “programmatic.”

How have cross-device tracking and omnichannel developed in the last year or two? What can you do now in connecting people to devices and actions that you weren’t able to in the recent past?
Let’s dial back to about five years ago. The conversation was around the need for identifying the consumer across multiple devices, because the fragmentation

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Source: Street Fight