clip on man bun

In his book “Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable,” bestselling author Seth Godin advises companies to come up with remarkable products and target people who are more likely to spread word of mouth.

One company that appears to have taken his advice seriously is Groupon. The eCommerce company is selling clip-on buns to make the most of social media’s growing obsession over the man bun.

It’s a product that has got everyone — from trendy hipsters to fashion critics — talking.

The In Thing

Like most fashion trends, the man bun became a rage after celebrities like David Beckham and Leonaro Di Caprio were seen sporting it.

It soon became a popular hashtag on Instagram and apparently a much-envied hairdo among fashionable young men. Go figure!

Unfortunately, not all man bun buffs have lengthy locks to flaunt. To make their dreams come true of looking like their favorite stars (as far as hair goes, if nothing more), Groupon has come up with a finely combed dome of

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Source: Small Business Trends