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The growing panoply of connected devices — from smartphones to smart cars and homes — presents marketers with as much risk as opportunity. Tracking and engaging users across multiple channels (including social media interactions, email opens, and ad clicks) was a challenge even when a user’s entire purchasing journey took place offline or from a desktop. Now, with customers using so many devices to engage companies online, anything short of accessing both Verizon’s Super Cookies and Google Data would leave holes in your attribution data. Today, a strategy I call “displacement” is an essential part of solving the attribution dilemma.

Displacement means measuring the change that occurs when adding an unknown quantity to one that is known. For example: take a beaker, fill it with water, record it’s volume then submerge an object like a rock into that water. The amount displaced, the difference, defines the unknown quantity.

When it comes to cross channel, multi-device attribution, the

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