Digital Context 2.0 book reviewIt seems with each coming day that there is a new “smart” item, whether it’s a phone, watch, home, or even toothbrush. Consumers are becoming more comfortable with an increasing number of gadgets that measure, predict, analyze, and ship, but is your business ready? You may have social media, Big Data, and a blog, but do you have what it takes to make the next step in the Digital Revolution?

What Digital Context 2.0 Is About

Digital Context 2.0 is about helping the business world make the necessary shift (in the book’s view) from “the old way of doing things” (heavily relying on customer demographics, interruptive advertising, trying to manufacture need instead of catering to it, etc.) to marketing in the world of “The Internet of Things” (IoT). The book argues like Nir Eyal does in “Hooked”, that businesses who fit into their customer’s lives instead of trying to squeeze in (like a commercial in a YouTube playlist) will make it. In particular, the book argues that business owners and

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Source: Small Business Trends