die empty book review“How much of your day do you spend doing work that you’ll be proud of later?”
– – From “Die Empty: Unleash Your Best Work Every Day

There are many books on how to become a success, but only a few on how to be a persistent success. Even fewer cover how to be a persistent success over your lifetime.

Die Empty is that kind of book. A new edition of Henry’s book,  asks readers to realistically confront the value they offer to the world through their work, whether they are managing a corporation, delivering interoffice memos, or crafting the next artistic masterpiece. Small Business Trends reviewed an earlier edition of the book some time ago.

What The Book Die Empty Is About

Die Empty deals with the core psychology of workplace engagement, an increasing topic of concern in the “work as work” vs “work as happiness” debate. Die Empty’s contribution to this conversation is to redirect the conversation to the individual. Specifically, the question shouldn’t be “What kind of work can I do

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Source: Small Business Trends