Dell Microsoft partnership benefits small businesses Dell Hybrid Cloud System for Microsoft

At Dell World 2015, the annual Dell customer convention this week in Austin, the big buzz was about Dell’s acquisition of cloud computing provider EMC, and the announcement of the Dell Hybrid Cloud System for Microsoft. Both are primarily of interest to larger enterprises.

But according to Brent Leary, industry analyst and managing partner of CRM Essentials who attended the event, there was big news for small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs.

Perhaps the biggest news for small businesses is the partnership between Microsoft and Dell.

Dell founder and CEO Michael Dell and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, pictured above, sat down on stage together yesterday to discuss that partnership.

Bloomberg’s Emily Chang, who hosted the session between the two, noted that with Dell buying EMC and Microsoft making PCs with its newly launched Surface Book, the partnership could be viewed as surprising. “How would you describe your relationship now? Are you friends? Are you frenemies?”


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Source: Small Business Trends