As consumers fragment across the web, mobile, social, and apps, sales prospects have fragmented with them. We tend to think of fragmentation as a major hurdle, but it means opportunities as well — to leverage content, data, and analytics to create an efficient, effective lead pipeline.

Investors are turning their attention to this opportunity, pouring money into and acquiring companies that facilitate sales and marketing automation at the local level. Marketing automation that integrates with CRM and auto-dialers and is easily scored and translated into action-based analytics is capturing investment dollars in 2015. According to VentureBeat’s Q3 Marketing Tech Funding Landscape, “Backbone tech (in some cases, marketing automation platforms themselves) is also up for a second consecutive quarter, solidifying this as a real trend to watch and account for.”

Growth Hacking Investments

What distinguishes the tech, sales, and marketing automation companies receiving investment dollars

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