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Lizzy Divine
Campaigns Manager,
New York City
Twitter: @LizzyDivine4

7:15am: Hit snooze on my phone once. OK, twice. Wake up and check my email (just check, not respond) so I know what the day has in store. After going through my inbox, I stay in bed to read a few pages on BuzzFeed’s news app and Feedly, my curated newsfeed about the environment.

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8:00am: Feed my dog, Hippopotamus Soul Child, a.k.a. Hippo. Then I take her on a walk around the block.

8:20am: Jump in the shower and diffuse my hair. I sleep like someone possessed by gremlins. After all of that tossing and turning in the night, I need to wet and reset my curls every morning.

9:00am: Leave my apartment and walk the five minutes to the train.

9:05am: Contort my body to fit into the last spot on the L train. During the 20-minute train ride, I read theSkimm and

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