get backedThere have never been so many investment options for entrepreneurs and businesses. Kickstarter, IndiGogo, peer-to-peer lending, micro-lending and others have totally changed the playing field. But coincidentally, with an increasing number of businesses looking for funds, seeking investment has never been so much of a challenge.

What is the Book About

The first part of “Get Backed: The Handbook for Creating Your Pitch Deck, Raising Money, and Launching the Venture of Your Dreams” covers the pitch, specifically a way to deliver called the pitch deck. Unlike a sixty-page business plan (which the authors and other quoted experts claim is outdated), the book advises a series of carefully created slides that demonstrate the story, structure, and growth potential of your business. These carefully created slides eliminate the need for fancy graphs and business jargon. Instead, they connect people directly to the business idea in which they are investing.

In “Get Backed,” readers will find

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Source: Small Business Trends