famebit influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is becoming an increasingly popular trend in the business world. While it’s unlikely that most small businesses can afford to hire big name social influencers to promote their brands on social media or video platforms, creating a brand as a social influencer has become a business in and of itself.

These social influencers serve as sort of a modern marketing agency and media outlet in one. They create valuable content while also promoting brands within their niche.

In fact, several new businesses have popped up in recent years with the sole purpose of connecting these influencers with the brands in their niche. FameBit is one example. But there’s also Grapevine and Content BLVD for YouTube influencers, Revfluence for social media and more.

Brands can use these platforms to more easily find relevant influencers to work with. And influencers can use them to monetize their content. Some have even made a career out of it.

Agnes Kozera, co-founder and COO of FameBit

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Source: Small Business Trends